Shiryō & Ghost Farmer | DIGITAL

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Shiryō & Ghost Farmer are part of a series of two single releases for 2015 that create a sort of quasi-EP. They are conceptually linked and will be released together physically and visually in the future.

- Produced, engineered, and recorded by NOK NOVUM
- Re-amping by Eduardo Apolonia
- Mixing by Adam 'Nolly' Getgood of Top Secret Audio & Periphery
- Mastering by UE Nastasi at Sterling Sound.

Guest on Shiryō:
- Emil Werstler (Guitar Solo @ 2:00)

Guest on Ghost Farmer:
- Gareth Hughes @ 2:40 (Saxophone)

Artwork by:
- Samuel Williams at The Sky Press

Shiryō was released January 1, 2015
Ghost Farmer was released July 22, 2015